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I am very grateful to be associated with you to prepare me in this endeavor. Your help has been so valuable! Thank you!

I wanted to say thank you for your help and support….

Just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure working with you in my quest to find a career….You possess the qualities of understanding and caring about the position your clients are in and it shows in how you help. Thanks for everything….

I want to thank you and STC for helping me achieve this goal. I am firmly convinced the position with USAA would not have been possible without the help from STC and your coaching and mentoring….I can not say enough about all the good work you and STC have done for me….Again, thanks.

I want to thank you for all of your support in guiding me through the process and I am definitely a poster child for if you work the process it works….So once again thank you for sharing your knowledge, a sympathetic ear and lots of laughs. I feel that I not only had a great coach but now have a super friend.

I love my job, my co-workers and managers are fantastic. The company is growing really fast and I am just so excited to be a part of it. I can not thank you enough for all your assistance.

Thank you for all your help and listening skills to get to the real issues in walking me through the maze of finding the right position. I appreciate all your help. As I said at the outset, calling in the experts to solve a problem is the best course of action – there’s no such thing as do-it-yourself brain surgery! On career matters, it helped to get expert advice.

I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for all your help over the last couple of months. I learned a lot about myself and about careers in general. I really appreciate the insight into the different industries and all the online tools to find out details about companies…..I really think the interview preparation was a huge help, it allowed me to be confident that I could answer any question, plus it allowed me to be pro-active during the conversation. Thanks for all the help….

I wanted to thank you for your invaluable advice over the course of this campaign. Your guidance has been awesome and I don’t believe I could have achieved my goal nearly as fast without it….I truly appreciate your partnership….I can’t thank you enough!

Just a quick note of thanks. Your assistance and guidance has been invaluable in my career search!….I focused on what we discussed and executed the action plan put together and am very pleased at that results — a solid position with an organization on the grow where I can make a difference, with a very competitive salary…all within 60 days.

You did just a remarkable job. I was actually hired by the first company with which I did an informational interview. And the owner and President of the company is a very careful and deliberate individual. I went though a total of four meetings with him before he hired me. But I was completely confident through the entire process due to your coaching skills. Thank you again. I’m much obliged.

Thank you for your help through this process….I was very careful to follow all of the STC guidelines and recommendations to the T. As you know, I have just signed with a company in Austin. My search took 8 weeks to complete including a 2 week vacation during this time.

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